Kim is born for Naakaii Diné (Mexican People) and from Tsi’naajinii (Black Streak People) clans.  Born in Tuba City, Kim is maternally from Tolani Lake, AZ located in the southwestern area of the Navajo Nation.  Kim has over seven years of experience in peer counseling and lactation education. Kim’s work has been inclusive of Tribal and culturally diverse communities serving the needs of prenatal, newborns, and post-partum mothers and families.  Her current work with Maricopa Integrated Health Services extends nearly four years, and is clinically intensive.  Growing up on and off the Navajo Nation, and residing in various tribal communities throughout her life, Kim is passionate about utilizing her education and experience to promote healthy living through kinship values for Native American Communities through collaboration, education, and advocacy.  In October 2016 Kim joined Arizona Breastfeeding Center. This allowed her to expand her skills in working with mothers and babies after they are home from the hospital.

Kim enjoys spending time with her husband and three daughters of whom she breastfed until they were 2 years old.  She also loves early morning runs, hiking and yoga.