Sharon Zolondek, BA, IBCLC

Sharon was born, breastfed and raised right here in the Valley of the Sun. She first came into contact with the world of breastfeeding support when her OLDEST daughter was born in 2003. With the guidance of a skilled IBCLC and the support offered by La Leche League, Sharon navigated the challenges of new motherhood. Her passion for helping moms grew as did her family and two daughters later, in 2010, Sharon became an accredited IBCLC. In 2014, when her youngest began kindergarten, she joined the Arizona Breastfeeding Center.


When she is not helping moms and babies, Sharon can most often be found in her car chauffeuring her girls to School and swim practice. Sharon sits on the Board of Phoenix Swim club and volunteers for La Leche League, Serving on the Area District Council. In her free time she enjoys practicing yoga, quilting and soapmaking.